Roger Cornwell

City of Durham Council

Roger Cornwell

Independent Councillor for Neville’s Cross

The City of Durham Parish Council became a recognised legal entity on 1 April and the inaugural elections took place on 3rd May. I am very pleased to have been elected to serve in the Neville’s Cross ward. You can read the full election results on the County Council website.

This page shows the manifesto that I published ahead of the election, and distributed widely in my election leaflet.

Since the abolition of the old City Council in 2009, residents have had no local body to represent them, and this democratic deficit has made it easier for the County Council to impose its will regardless of the wishes of local residents. I have no party affiliation, and generally support progressive policies wherever they may be found.

My vision is that Durham City should be the best we can make it. That means the best for people who live here, work here, study here and visit here. It means the best no matter if you come for a day, a week, a month, three years or a lifetime. It means the best no matter where you were born or how you got here. Neville’s Cross and Durham City have diverse populations, far more so than the rest of the County. I welcome that. The challenge is that we are not one community: permanent residents and students live parallel lives and when they impinge on each other it is often not in a good way. This has to change and if elected I will work to make the Parish Council a catalyst for that change.

These are the main issues which the Parish Council can and should be working on:

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