Roger Cornwell

City of Durham Parish Council

Roger Cornwell

Independent Parish Councillor for Neville’s Cross

The City of Durham Parish Council became a recognised legal entity on 1 April and the inaugural elections took place on 3rd May. I am very pleased to have been elected to serve in the Neville’s Cross ward. You can read the full election results on the County Council website. Before the election I published my manifesto, which you can still read on that page to see what my hopes and intentions are for the new Council. I have no party affiliation, and generally support progressive policies wherever they may be found.

The first meeting of the new Council takes place at 5.00pm on Thursday 10th May in the Shakespeare Hall in the North Road. It’s a public meeting and all are welcome to attend. The initial Agenda is largely to do with putting in place the essential structure of the new Council.

It’s early days yet, and I intend to use this website to keep in touch with the people who elected me. If you want to contact me, please email